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Church Leadership

Lay Leadership 2024

Chair: Rob Wolz

Lay Member to Annual Conference 1:

Steve Turner

Lay Member to Annual Conference 2:

Ben Sanford
Reserve Lay Member to Annual Conference: TBD
Lay Leader: Scott Guerry
Recording Secretary: TBD
Pastors: Rev. Jimmy Cason, Rev. Brian Gordon

Staff Parish Relations Committee

Chair: Mike Tagert
Class of 2024 Brian Hawkins, Mike Tagert, Donna Corban
Class of 2025 Charlotte Fuquay, Cindy Morgan, Stephen Williams
Class of 2026 Caroleen Eifling, Ben Nagel, Mann Conrad

Board of Trustees

Chair: John Everitt

Class of 2024 Frank Chiles, Dawn Reynolds, Jim Vinson
Class of 2025 Larry Graves, Roberta Nicholson, Hank Williams
Class of 2026 Leslie Fye, Wallace Kilcreas, John Everitt

Staff Representatives: Church Administrator - Leonard Smith, Facilities Manager - Vic Latham

Finance Comittee

Chair: Kathy Snell

Class of 2024 Charlotte Coker, Emmett Smitherman, Roy Ruby
Class of 2025 Larry Box, Kathy Snell, Susan Tomlinson
Class of 2026 Eddie Keith, Paul Williams, Stephen Scarpulla

Lay Leadership Nominations

Chair Pastor: Rev. Jimmy Cason
Class of 2024 Suzanne Dressell, Jimmy McPherson, Annika Campbell
Class of 2025 Frances McDavid, Nebbie Maslin, Sallie Whiteside
Class of 2026 Margaret Bateman, Sally Laughlin, Beth Baker

Ministry Areas

Children’s Ministry: TBD
Staff: --

Youth Ministry: TBD
Staff: --

Worship/Music: TBD
Staff: Peter Infanger

Congregational Care: TBD
Staff: Rev. Jimmy Cason

Missions: Elizabeth Williams

Staff: Rev. Brian Gordon

United Women in Faith (UMW): Peggy Vinson

Prayer Ministry: Jean Ferguson

Laundry Love: Cindy Melby

Backpack Ministries: Susan Tomlinson

Food Pantry: Jim & Peggy Vinson

International Ministry: Ruth De La Cruz

Evangelism: Jenny Turner

8:40 Ushers: Don & Leslie Fye

11:00 Ushers: Eddie Keith & Paul Williams

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