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Church Leadership

Lay Leadership 2023

Chair: John Robertson
Lay Member to Annual Conference 1:

Bart Williams
Lay Member to Annual Conference 2:

Gary Windham
Reserve Lay Member to Annual Conference: Dana Franz
Lay Leader: Libba Andrews
Recording Secretary: Kathryn Laughlin
Pastors: Rev. Jim Genesse, Rev. Charlie Harper

Staff Parish Relations Committee

Chair: Ken Hood
Class of 2023 Brian Hawkins, Mike Tagert, Emily Waters
Class of 2024 John Forde, Ken Hood, Myrna Lott
Class of 2025 Mariah Clark, Carol Jones, Stephen Williams

Ex Officio: Past Chair - Brian McCaskill
Lay Leader: Libba Andrews
Lay Member of Annual Conference: Bart Williams

Board of Trustees

Chair: Tim Chamblee
Class of 2023 Tim Muzzi, Roberta Nicholson, Dawn Reynolds
Class of 2024 Tim Chamblee, John Gholston, Jerry Toney
Class of 2025 Larry Graves, Suzanne McCormick, Melanie Mitchell

Staff Representatives: Church Administrator - Lori Smith, Facilities Manager - William Oakley

Finance Comittee

Chair: Nellah Taylor
Class of 2023 Donna Sims, Emmett Smitherman, Rob Wolz
Class of 2024 Laurie Craig, Andrew Martin, Nellah Taylor
Class of 2025 Scott Guerry, John Hendricks, Carrie Beth Randall

Ex Officio: Treasurer - Jeff Read
Internal Review - Shawn Mauldin
Administrative Board - John Robertson
Lay Leader - Libba Andrews
Lay Member of Annual Conference - Gary Windham
Trustees Chair – Tim Chamblee
Staff-Parish Relations Chair - Ken Hood
Staff Representatives: Church Administrator - Lori Smith, Financial Secretary - Marianne Field

Lay Leadership Nominations

Chair Pastor: Rev. Jim Genesse
Class of 2023 Suzanne Dressel, Dee Dee Larson, Jane Windham
Class of 2024 Lisa Ashmore, Boo Matthews, Lee Ann Williamson
Class of 2025 Angie Crosland, Jimmy McPherson, Alanna Scholtes

Ex Officio: Lay Leader - Libba Andrews

Ministry Areas

Children’s Ministry:

Kylie Crosland, Stevanie King
Staff: Genny Fischer

Youth Ministry: Angela Daves, Cyndi Sullivan
Staff: Mattie Burton

College Ministry: TBD
Staff: Rev. Charlie Harper

Worship/Music: Kathy Braswell
Staff: Joey Wilkinson

Congregational Care: Jane Windham
Staff: Rev. Jim Genesse

Missions: Cherri Lightsey
Staff: Rev. Charlie Harper

United Women in Faith (UMW): Sally Laughlin

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