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Lesson 5

Join Pastor Randy Jones as we explore the critical task of inspecting our mission field, inspired by Nehemiah's profound journey. Listen in as we recount the emotional resonance felt by Nehemiah and consider our own need for guidance and courage when facing new missions. In this heartfelt study, we traverse the United Methodist Church's practice of pastoral appointment and the essential step of assessing the work before us, aligning with Nehemiah's strategic yet discreet approach to evaluating Jerusalem's fallen walls.


In our ongoing reflection, we discuss recognizing and embracing our God-given gifts within our faith communities, sharing personal experiences and the joy of service. Discover how Nehemiah's story guides us in seeking opportunities for ministry and collaboration, as we recognize the power of observing and responding to the needs around us. Whether it's preaching or serving food at a local church, we learn that our surroundings can become sacred spaces for outreach and connection.


Discussion Questions

Key Points

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