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Lesson 8

Have you ever felt like you're navigating a relentless storm with no end in sight? This session recounts the tale of a man who, guided by his father's wisdom, pushes through the tempest—an allegory for our own spiritual journeys. We don't just tell stories; we offer a toolbox for combating the mental, political, and dismissive oppositions that can threaten to unravel our hard-won progress.


It's in these moments, faced with the looming shadow of adversity, that we learn to trust the divine guidance above the din. By embracing the journey with unwavering faith, we can uncover a joy untouched by worldly conflicts and find reassurance in the knowledge that every challenge is a deliberate thread in the tapestry of a grander, God-led plan. Join us as we affirm that with trust in God as our compass, we navigate not just to survive the storm, but to emerge from it with a stronger, shared vision.


Discussion Questions

Key Points

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